Crossword Puzzle: Are There Benefits to Crossword Puzzles?

Benefits of Crossword PuzzlesCrossword Solver, have you ever played crossword puzzles before? If so, then you are already familiar with one of these brain teaser games. True, Crossword Puzzle is a game that once trains the brain's ability by connecting each letter of a word with another letter. From the results of this connection will be found a new word that is being searched for. Wow, that's really fun, Crosword Solver.

Many people, both adults, teenagers, and children play this game with the aim of filling their spare time. Usually people can find Crossword Puzzle games in newspapers, magazines, books or a set of Crossword Puzzle games.

Crossword Puzzle: Are There Benefits to Crossword Puzzles?

Besides that, most of us love this game because it makes us feel challenged and curious about the next word yet to be discovered. Crosword Solver curious about this crossword puzzle game? Come on, let's read the explanation!

Meaning of Crossword Puzzle

Crossword puzzle is a word game formed from empty squares; black space and white space. Usually people will be asked to fill in the blank spaces with words that have continuity with the letters of the previous word so that a new phrase is formed. The purpose of the Crossword Puzzle game is to find or search for a new word from the clues in each previous word.

Crossword Puzzle: Are There Benefits to Crossword Puzzles?

Crossword Puzzle has a different format in each country. The Crossword Puzzle format in Indonesia follows that in the United Kingdom, India, Australia, and South Africa, which is a format with a woven form that has white and black squares. If we look more clearly, we can see that 25% contain black boxes and 50% of the letters do not cross each other, the rest is a continuous part.

In contrast to the American Crossword Puzzle design, which has more space or white boxes to fill in. However, the procedure for filling it still follows the descending and horizontal rules. That's a brief understanding of the Crossword Puzzle game.

History of Crossword Puzzle

Crossword puzzles were first discovered by a journalist from Liverpool. He was Arthur Wyne who worked in the New York newspaper office. Initially he was assigned to make a game that will be published in the newspaper so that readers are interested in reading the newspaper.

Finally, he started looking for game reference sources that readers could enjoy. Until then Arthur found an ancient game called Pompeii or children in America often refer to it as Magic Square. From here came the idea to make a crossword game.

Crossword Puzzle itself is a word arrangement game. For the first time the game appeared in the Sunday edition of the New York newspaper in 1913, namely the office where Arthur worked. Many people who turned out to enjoy the game, thus encouraging Arthur to continue to make it.

Crossword Puzzle: Are There Benefits to Crossword Puzzles?
Arthur Whynne

He made a Crossword Puzzle game design in the form of a diamond crystal pattern. In this game it is written horizontally and descending. Until finally Crossword Puzzle became a popular game in America and many levels of society enjoyed it.

In 1920, after learning that crossword puzzles became the subject of many people's conversations, other newspapers in America also published the game. After becoming more and more famous and known to many Americans, Crossword Puzzle has developed in Europe. And for the first time in 1922, crossword puzzles were published in Pearson's Magazine.

Its rapid development has made Crossword Puzzle a controversy in America. The reason is, Americans spend a lot of time playing this game. The Times became one of the media that issued an article that Crossword Puzzle can destroy individual working hours.

However, the existence of the article did not have any impact on the popularity of Crossword Puzzle. It is proven that Crossword Puzzle is increasingly recognized in many countries, and has even experienced significant developments both in terms of language and writing patterns. Experts also make research related to the benefits of playing Crossword Puzzle on cognitive intelligence, thus making Crossword Puzzle even more trusted as a brain teaser game.

The Crossword Puzzle game itself has many variations, both featuring word definitions, word games, general knowledge, and anagrams. In addition, Crossword Puzzle has various themes in it such as music, literature, sports, geography, and others. In the end, this Crossword Puzzle game can be enjoyed by many people until now.

Benefits of Crossword Puzzles

With the many benefits of doing crossword puzzles, almost all of them have to do with brain, mental and memory health. Although it doesn't have much to do with physical health, doing crossword puzzles has many benefits that are often taken for granted. You certainly don't want it when you get older, your body will be healthy and fit, but your memory is weak?

Crossword Solver, below are the benefits of completing crossword puzzles that are important for us to know.

1. Sharpen Memory

When filling out crossword puzzles, Crossword Solver will definitely be faced with questions that force you to dig into your memory. Whether it's old or new memories, of course this can stimulate your memory of events or things. For example, you have to play back memories about the names of characters, events, terms, city names, and more.

2. Reduces the Risk of Alzheimer's and Dementia

In addition to sharpening memory, playing crossword puzzles can reduce a person's risk of developing Alzheimer's and Dementia. Both of these diseases are related to memory. Alzheimer's is a type of dementia. While dementia itself is another term for senile disease.

A study incorporated in the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society was able to prove that crossword puzzles play an important role. In the study, it was stated that Crossword Puzzle can slow down memory loss in elderly people who suffer from dementia.

Crossword Puzzle: Are There Benefits to Crossword Puzzles?

Filling crosswords or crossword puzzles is a game that stimulates mental health and sharpens the brain to always think. Elderly people who are diligent in doing both can reduce the risk of cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's. In addition to completing crossword puzzles, playing chess can also reduce the risk of Alzheimer's.

3. Improve Thinking Ability with Crossword Puzzle

People who diligently play crossword puzzles on average have better thinking and analysis power than those who do not play crossword puzzles. In addition, those who diligently play it, including the elderly, have high focus and concentration abilities. How come? Every time they fill out the crossword puzzle, they will continue to look for answers until they succeed without wanting to be disturbed even if it is just to eat.

4. Looking for Troubleshooting

Certain codes in this game are like a clue to answer crossword questions. As we know, each type of crossword puzzle has a different approach to solving it. Therefore, Crossword Puzzle players will be required to solve problems in different ways. This helps Crossword Puzzle players have a strong calculation in solving problems.

Crossword Puzzle: Are There Benefits to Crossword Puzzles?

The habit of filling out crossword puzzles stimulates the ability of the players to be skilled in dealing with real problems in life. Because they are used to solving problems, it is not surprising that people who play Crossword Puzzle have many alternative solutions. Not only that, Crossword Puzzle fillers are used to exploring anything to get answers, such as reading articles or asking other people.

5. Enrich Vocabulary

During the Crossword Puzzle, you are required to find answers to the questions in it. Sometimes, an answer comes from several different terms even though they mean the same thing. For example, for clues about where to live or stay, the answers could be houses, hotels, apartments, mess, boarding houses, and palaces.

If it doesn't match, then you have to look for another term so that your answer matches the box in the crossword clue. Exploration like this of course will lead you to new knowledge. So, do not be surprised if the Crossword Puzzle filler is rich in vocabulary.

6. Maintain Cognitive Ability

Completing crossword puzzles regularly, at least one week for 90 minutes, is believed to be able to maintain and even improve one's cognitive abilities. How come? The ability to think, connect one vocabulary to another, and respond to success or failure as if being trained during the crossword puzzle.

A series of processes through which Crossword Puzzle fillers force the brain to work to process many things. So don't be surprised if people who are diligent in filling out crossword puzzles still have good cognitive abilities. Not only that, they also have good negotiation skills.

7. Crossword Puzzle Reduce Stress

From a mental health perspective, playing crossword puzzles can have a positive impact on emotions. It is undeniable that the Crossword Puzzle game has fun that sharpens intelligence. This excitement can help you reduce the risk of stress.

Crossword Puzzle: Are There Benefits to Crossword Puzzles?

Several scientific studies support this conclusion. Mentioned that activities that hone cognitive abilities proved effective in reducing anxiety. Compared to watching television or shopping, playing crossword puzzles has a higher effectiveness.

Once you find the right answer, the body will produce the hormone dopamine. The presence of this hormone provides a sense of comfort so that your mood becomes better. As a result, you can work more optimally. 

Don't be stressed if you are having problems with online crossword puzzles such as getting rejection puzzle page you are accessing, make it one of the challenging puzzle crossword clues. Many solutions to solve the challenging puzzle crossword clue. You can find free online crossword puzzles as well as printable crossword puzzles.

8. Warm the Relationship

Filling out crossword puzzles is fun enough, you know.. However, filling it out by forming groups seems to be more fun. There is social interaction during crossword filling.

While looking for answers, you must have discussions, give suggestions, or just joke. Communication that exists during the game can break the ice. Of course this has a positive impact on your social relationships with other people.

Happiness can be felt together once you know that your answer is right. Or sadness can be felt together when you know that your answer is wrong. A sense of community in these moments will grow and can warm your relationship.

The advantage of this Crossword Puzzle game is that it can be played anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. In fact, in public places with strangers while waiting for the plane to arrive, you can play it. But you need to make sure that the person you are going to play with is okay and not bothered by your offer.

9. Increase Confidence with Crossword Puzzle

Every success you achieve will give you confidence. The more success you achieve, the higher your confidence will be. Self-confidence is an important thing for every individual to have.

When you succeed in doing the crossword correctly, your confidence will increase rapidly. Confidence can invite a sense of happiness because it has succeeded in achieving goals. Therefore, many people are getting more and more active in filling out crossword puzzles after achieving success in the previous game.

10. Crossword Puzzle can Improve Self-Discipline

This game can also be used to practice self-discipline. For example, a crossword puzzle can generally be completed within an hour. When doing crossword puzzles, whether you realize it or not, you will commit to yourself.

You are determined to fill out the crossword puzzle for a maximum of one hour. Then you will be focused and not bothered to do anything other than complete the crossword puzzle. If you are distracted from doing other work, your commitment will not be fulfilled.

Seeing the conditions above, the success or failure of your commitment depends on self-discipline. For those of you who are accustomed to discipline, of course this commitment can be fulfilled easily. Therefore, playing Crossword Puzzle can train yourself to be disciplined.

11. Crossword Puzzle Game Brings Comfortable and Peaceful

For the conquerors of challenges, you need to try the Crossword Puzzle game. The questions asked and some of the available clues can be a challenge for you to conquer. You may even feel stupid and frustrated when you don't find a clue.

However, if you keep trying to achieve your goals, by collaborating with other people, you might get a clue. After several ups and downs struggling, you managed to find an answer. Imagine how comfortable and peaceful your heart will be at that moment.

Once you can overcome these challenges, a sense of comfort flows in your chest.

How about Crossword Solver? There are so many benefits that you will get by filling out the crossword puzzle. The benefits that we have reviewed above may seem trivial at first glance, but are actually important for maintaining memory, mental health, and brain health.

No matter how much the benefits of filling crossword puzzles for health, still everything must be in proportion. Filling the crossword puzzle excessively to forget the time and responsibility can actually cause new problems. Of course you need to measure yourself how long it really takes to fill out the crossword puzzle.

In order not to interfere with your main activities, Crossword Puzzle charging is highly recommended at certain times. For example, when you are waiting for someone or in line, bored with your daily routine, or free from work. This crossword game is also recommended for people who have retired from work.


That's a brief explanation of Crossword Puzzle, Crossword Solver. For those of you who have played it often, you can definitely imagine how the game is. Crossword Puzzle is a game that is favored by various levels of society, because this game makes people fill it by guessing and looking for a word that has continuity from the letters in the previous word.

This Crossword Puzzle game also has many benefits as described above. These benefits have made people more knowledgeable and trained to think quickly. In addition, Crossword Puzzle is also a game that is not only entertaining, but also increases one's cognitive abilities.

Well, until here first, Crossword Solver, an explanation related to Crossword Puzzle. If Crossword Solver wants to know more about Crossword Puzzle or wants to play it, then Crossword Solver can start looking for it at LA Times Crossword, USA Today Crossword, Washington Post Crossword, New York Times Crossword, and Wall Street Journal Crossword (WSJ Crossword).

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