NY Times Mini Crossword Free Online for Today

NY Times Mini Crossword Free Online for Today - With My Teacher you can discover a new crossword puzzle every day and put your vocabulary to the test: Fill in the fields with the right letters and solve new crossword puzzles every day - now you can feel like solving NY Times Mini Crossword for free, online and without registration!

NY Times Mini Crossword Free Online for Today
NY Times Mini Crossword Free Online by Der Spiegel

A New Crossword Puzzle Every Day Like NY Times Mini Crossword Puzzle

Are you a real word acrobat and want to test your vocabulary anew every day? Then discover our free crossword puzzle now! To find the right solution word, fill in the fields with the correct letters as fast as you can. You can solve a new NY Times Mini Crossword Puzzle every day and additionally play the puzzles from the previous days. Solve daily Der Spiegel like you solve daily NY Times Mini Crossword Puzzles and then display your result in the evaluation screen. After that, you can start a new NY Times Daily Crossword Puzzle right away!

Crossword Puzzle - A Game with History

Where the crossword originally came from is not entirely certain. However, early forms of crossword puzzles existed as early as the late 18th century. The term "cross word puzzle" first appeared in the United States in 1862.

NY Times Mini Crossword Free Online for Today

During the 19th century, different variants of crossword puzzles developed, which were printed in magazines or children's puzzle books. Arthur Wynne is still considered the inventor of the crossword puzzle. He published a 31-word diamond-shaped "word-cross" puzzle in the New York World on December 21, 1913. It is considered to be the first "real" crossword puzzle in the world. Arthur Wynne's "word-cross" was so popular that it circulated in all sorts of newspapers and magazines around the world. Crossword puzzles were published in Europe from the early 1920s. In 1924, the first crossword puzzle book came out, which led to the New York Public Library complaining. Crossword puzzles would compete with dictionaries and encyclopedias, so the accusation.

Crossword Puzzle in The Der Spiegel Which is Like NY Times Daily Crossword

Crossword puzzles are now an integral part of many newspapers, magazines and online. The daily crossword puzzle in the New York Times is particularly popular. But digital crossword puzzles are also becoming increasingly popular. Software for creating crossword puzzles has been around since the 1970s. The "Crossword Magic" program for the Apple II in the 1980s was very popular: the user had to enter the solution words and the appropriate clues, and the software then created a crossword puzzle from them. In the 1990s, software for creating crossword puzzles became more sophisticated. For example, they contain large databases with lots of solutions and appropriate hints. In this way, the computer can select random words for a crossword, or it can also find specifically suitable search terms for a specific spot on the playing field. There are also applications for gamers that help solve crossword puzzles.

We offer you a new tricky or crossword puzzle clues every day. You can of course also play the crossword puzzles from the past few days. For easier input, our crossword includes an on-screen keyboard on all platforms. When you have entered a word, the cursor automatically jumps to the next search term. A number of jokers are available to you. They indicate the correct letter for a field. When you have completely solved the crossword puzzle, an evaluation screen will appear. Here you can see what percentage you entered correctly and how much time it took. Our daily online crossword is also mobile-friendly, like NY Times Mini Crossword Puzzle. So you can play it anytime, anywhere even on your phone or tablet.

Crossword Puzzle in The Der Spiegel Which is Like NY Times Mini Crossword Free Online for Today, How it works:

  • Find the right words and fill them in the boxes of our daily.
  • Choose a search term. The fields to be entered are then marked in orange.
  • The cursor automatically jumps to the next search word as soon as you have filled in a word.
  • Click on the "Clear fields" button to delete all letters.
  • By clicking on "Input horizontally" and "Input vertically" you change the orientation of the cursor.
  • The red "J" button at the bottom left fills the selected field with the correct letter. This feature is available to you three times per game.
  • When you have filled all fields with letters, an evaluation screen is displayed.

Tips and tricks

Tip #1: Get an overview

Look carefully at the crossword and read the clues. Then think about which of the search terms you can already solve.

Tip #2: Fill in the words

Did you think of a suitable word? First check whether the number of letters fits into the column or row provided. Then enter the appropriate word.

Tip #3: Combine cleverly

There may be a few words that you cannot solve right away. However, you can use the words already entered to find some letters for the words you are looking for.

Tip #4: Find the answer

NY Times Crossword Solution is displayed at the top of the crossword puzzle. It consists of the letters of the numbered fields. Maybe you can find the solution word earlier.

Tip #5: Use helper functions

Pay attention to the hints that are displayed on the left edge of the screen. In addition, you can use three jokers per day. The jokers fill the currently selected square in the daily crossword with the correct letter.

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